Advisory Asset Management

We offer alternative investment strategies to structure our clients’ portfolios.  Our investment advisors work closely with clients to choose an appropriate allocation among these strategies.  We frequently recommend more than one of these strategies. 

Horizon Investment SA strives to establish a close relationship and a personalised approach with each client. The result is a working relationship that encourages the exchange of information and a careful monitoring of the growth of our clients’ assets.


All-Cap Growth Strategy

For clients whose primary objective is growing long-term wealth, the all cap growth strategy is our flagship growth investment strategy.  Sustained high levels of profitable growth is the guiding principle in evaluating investment opportunities; we are willing to take on incremental risk only if we anticipate increased potential returns.  We consider a broad spectrum of the stock market – from emerging growth stocks to established, large companies – and build a portfolio that offers attractive capital appreciation prospects.  The companies in this strategy are projected to produce both strong near-term and long-term earnings increases. 

Large-Cap Growth Strategy

For clients with a growth objective, but a desire to temper short-term stock market volatility, we recommend our large cap growth strategy.  We invest in predominantly larger, more seasoned companies and attempt to reduce short-term volatility by investing in companies with market capitalizations exceeding $6 billion.  The companies in this strategy are generally experiencing above-average earnings growth, although in an effort to reduce volatility, at a somewhat slower pace than the all cap growth strategy.

Small-Mid Cap Growth Strategy

This equity strategy seeks capital appreciation by investing in smaller growth companies with market capitalizations generally between $100 million and $8 billion.  Companies in this portfolio tend to be posting above average growth and frequently are emerging growth companies.

Small-Cap Growth Strategy

An equity strategy that seeks capital appreciation by investing in growth companies with market capitalizations generally between $100 Million and $2.5 Billion.

Equity Income Strategy

This strategy seeks to provide a stronger capital preservation orientation than the above growth portfolios, while utilizing a disciplined approach to generating high current-income yields and a modest amount of appreciation. We believe the long-term risk of this strategy lies somewhere between a conservative bond portfolio and our other growth equity strategies.

While this strategy is primarily equity oriented, bonds may be utilized occasionally; both are selected for their income producing potential. We do not seek the highest yield, but rather a secure and growing yield. This strategy offers wide flexibility in types of securities used to generate a current income yield.

Fixed Income Strategy

When capital preservation and income generation are primary investment objectives, we suggest investing in individual bonds with a conservative approach.

We advise clients to add bonds to their portfolios, not only for income, but also for increased comfort resulting from reduced volatility. Depending on tax considerations and account size, we focus our fixed income portfolios on investments in municipal bonds and government agency bonds.