Company Overview

Today over one third of the world's private wealth is managed in Switzerland, more than the amount managed in the U.S. and in the U.K. combined. This heavy preponderance, however, is the envy of all the major financial markets, is not merely a matter of chance.

Horizon Investment SA is a leading independent investment management company established in 2002. As a market leader in offering access to high-opportunity emerging markets, our focus is to provide asset management products to clients and access to investments in the CIS and in Turkey.

Through its experience in dealing with a number of financial crises, Horizon Investment has developed a true management philosophy aimed at preserving capital to the extent possible. This means complying with the strictest investment criteria at all times, especially in terms of investment quality and liquidity. Every management decision is based on stringent analysis conducted in a disciplined and methodical manner, with scrupulous attention paid to the investment policy defined through the approval of each client.

The Swiss financial system, in order to build lasting success, must continually demonstrate the ability to adapt and anticipate change, the very quality that has enabled the system to preserve its fundamental values when confronted with the ups and downs of history and current events.

In this context, independent asset management has emerged as an ideal solution that reconciles the various interests of parties involved. Independent managers offer their clients customized services, devoted exclusively to protecting their interests and backed by the security of the best banks. In addition, they provide valuable advice by making the best use of a variety of product offerings. Today the profession is well regulated, particularly under the auspices of “Association Suisse des Gérants de Fortune” (ASG), alternatively named the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).

Horizon Investment SA has been an active member of the association since it was founded and complies fully with its code of conduct, which is an industry standard in terms of professional ethics. The assets under management of Horizon are deposited exclusively with top-ranking banking institutions.